Surface Water Applications and Forms

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SW-1 Ditches, Pipelines, Waterhauls - This form is for permitting a new diversion from streams, including ditches, pipelines, and Temporary Water Hauls.  ($50 filing fee)  This form is also used for special application stock or domestic diversions from a stream not exceeding 25 gallons per minute.  ($25 filing fee)  Use Item 10 continuation to make item 10 tabulations prior to entering them on the SW-1 form. Instructions for Completing the SW1 application 

SW-2 Enlargement of Ditches, Pipelines - This is the application used to enlarge an existing SW-1 facility.  The enlargement may physically enlarge the facility to allow the diversion of more water by adding points of use (more lands) or it could just add uses to the existing facility.  ($50 filing fee) Instructions for Completing the SW2 Application 

SW-3 Reservoirs - (**download form before printing**) this form is used to permit new reservoirs or enlarge existing reservoirs.  Reservoirs that qualify as Special Applications can use the 3A (see below) with the SW-3 form.  Reservoirs that meet or exceed the minimum height and capacity requirements are subject to jurisdiction under the Safety of Dams law.  See fee schedule  Instructions for Completing the SW3 application 

SW-3A Special Application Reservoirs - (**download form before printing**)  This form can be used for all Special Application reservoirs in lieu of the general mapping requirements necessary for most SW-3 reservoirs.  Special Application reservoirs include all facilities with a dam less than 20 feet high and a capacity of less than 20 acre-feet($25 filing fee)  Instructions for Completing the SW3A application 

SW-4 Stock Reservoirs - (**download form before printing**)  This form is to be used with facilities having a dam less than 20 feet high and a capacity of less than 20 acre-feet for stock use only.  ($25 filing fee) Instruction for Completing the SW4 application  

SW-4A Stock Reservoir Multiple Points of Storage - This form is to accompany a SW-4 in cases where a pipeline extends from the stock reservoir to a stock tank or series of stock tanks.

Authorization To Correct The Record (no fee for filing) 

ACR-1 (Petition for Authorization for Change of Location)  -used to change the legal land description of a special application reservoir or stock reservoir

ACR-2 (Petition for Authorization to Correct Record) - used to change physical characteristics of a special application reservoir or stock reservoir

ACR-3 (Petition for Authorization to Change the Place of Storage)  - used when the initial facility has completely silted in and the appropriator would like to transfer the storage immediately downstream to a new facility equal to or smaller in size.


Temporary Water Use Agreement - Surface Water Source - Request to allow a temporary change of use of a water right to occur for a max of two years.

Extension Request  

Elimination Request - used to eliminate unadjudicated lands from a permit.

Cancellation Request 

Consent to Enlarge Ditch - formal request for consent from co-appropriators of a ditch being enlarged.

Notice of Completion of Construction  - use to inform that all the construction work has been completed.

Notice of Beneficial Use of Water - use to infom that the water has been put to the beneficial use outlined in the permit.

Reinstatement of Notice of Beneficial Use -Notarized - use this form when the expiration date has past, but Beneficial Use was completed before the expiration date.

Reinstatement of Notice of Completion - Notarized - use this form when the expiration date has past, but the facility was completed before the expiration date.

Allocation of Interest and Capacity of Reservoir - used in conjunction with a secondary Application to allocate a reservoir's capacity to specific acreages listed under that secondary.

Consent to Enlarge Reservoir 

Assignment of Permit 

Affidavit of Reservoir Ownership 

Affidavit for Reinstatement 

Affidavit for Reservoir Reinstatement 

Affidavit for Platte River Reservoir Exemptions 

Weather Modification Application