Ground Water Control Areas and Advisory Boards

Three ground water management districts called Control Areas have been established in the southeast portion of the state. All applications for new wells exceeding 25 gallons per minute (gpm) (exempting stock, domestic, and miscellaneous under 25 gpm) or petitions for change of existing groundwater use within the boundaries of the designated areas must pass through an additional level of review involving public notice and recommendation from a 5-member elected Advisory Board prior to approval. The Ground Water Control Area Advisory Boards advise and assist the State Engineer and Board of Control in formulating policies and recommendations on applications and petitions concerning groundwater development in the Control Area. Each Control Area Advisory Board is comprised of five property owners residing within the Control Area. The members are elected to four-year terms by property owners who own land within the Control Area. Members may serve two consecutive terms and no political split is required. 

Laramie County

Name City Expiration

Ty Lerwick Cheyenne 7/31/2023

Brady Petsch Meriden 7/31/2023

Laurie Jackson Hillsdale 7/31/2024

Todd Fornstrom Pine Bluffs 7/31/2024

Cody Smith Carpenter 7/31/2024

Platte County

Name City Expiration

Jason Reyes Wheatland 7/31/2023

Amy Miller Wheatland 7/31/2023

Doug DeRouchey Wheatland 7/31/2024

Richard Johnson Wheatland 7/31/2024

Kelly Kennedy Wheatland 7/31/2024

Prairie Center

Name City Expiration

Dylan Hager Torrington 7/31/2023

Greg DesEnfants Torrington 7/31/2023

Elden Baldwin Torrington 7/31/2026

Jim Becker Southerland 7/31/2026

Kathie  France Torrington 7/31/2026

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The Laramie County Groundwater Control Area Advisory Board will meet on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at 9:00 A.M. in Conference Room W230, Herschler Building 2W, 122 West 25th Street, Cheyenne, to discuss and offer recommendations to the State Engineer on a groundwater application from Burnett Land and Livestock (Temporary Filing Number U.W. 46-7-200, the Burnett Section 6 Well), and a Board of Control Petition, Docket No. I-U-2022-1-1 on behalf of  Dennis and Barbara Baer.

The meeting will also be accessible by Google Meet for those who wish to attend remotely.  For additional information, please contact Lisa Lindemann, Administrator, Ground Water Division, at (307) 777-5063.  


The State Engineer's Office/Ground Water Division has tallied the votes from the July 13, 2022 Prairie Center Control Area Advisory Board election, and verified the number of acres voted through the online Goshen County Assessor's site. Thank you to all who participated in the election.  

Congratulations to the following three individuals, including one incumbent and two new Board members:       

Each will serve a four-year term beginning July 2022.  

Our many thanks to those willing to be nominated to serve on the Board.  I hope that your interest in groundwater, and participation in Board activities continues.  

Gratitude to past and present Board members.  We appreciate you and your desire to represent your constituents on the Board.

For additional information, please call Lisa Lindemann, Administrator, Ground Water Division, at (307) 777-5063.