Surface Water

About the Surface Water Division

Wyoming State Engineer's Office

122 West 25th Street

Herschler Building

2nd Floor West, Surface Water

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002


Contact Surface Water Division: 307-777-6475

The Surface Water and Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing permit applications which beneficially use surface waters of the state of Wyoming. Permits are issued for:

  1. diverting water through ditches or pipelines

  2. storage in reservoirs

  3. enlargements to existing ditch or storage facilities

  4. instream flow purposes

  5. temporary industrial water hauls

  6. weather modification


State Engineer's Office, Surface Water Division

Herschler Bldg 2W, Cheyenne WY 82002 - (Mailing Address)

122 W. 25th St, Cheyenne WY 82002

Graves, Nathan 307-777-3500 Administrator


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McNulty, Jacy 307-777-7869 Tech

Messer, Shelley 307-777-5801 Senior Tech

Otto, Scott 307-777-6172 Tech


Lamblin, Cindy 307-777-6175 Staff Support

Lorentz, Sandra 307-777-6475 Receptionist, Staff Support

Hayes, Rochelle 307-777-6150 Front Desk Recpt/Staff Support

Joe Ruess 307-777-6171 Safety of Dams