Regulations and Memorandums

Ground Water

Rules and Regulations

Regulations and Instructions - Part II, Ground Water 

Regulations and Instructions - Part III, Water Well Minimum Construction Standards 2011 

**More on Water Well Construction here

Regulations and Instructions - Part IV, Adjudication Process 

Chapter V: Maps Survey Requirements for Maps to Accompany Proof of Appropriation and Beneficial Use of Ground Water 

Policy Memorandums

Policy Revision on Stock and Domestic Wells (Large Stock/Dom vs. Misc.): Statement , Memo

Requirements of Coordinates on Permits and Petitions

Permitting Requirements for Groundwater Monitoring Wells 

Forest Service MOU and Permitting

Land Application of Effluent 

2012 Temporary Order Requiring Well Spacing - LCCA 

Dual Well Completions in the High Plains Aquifer and Lance Formation, Southeast Wyoming 

Water Hauling Activities in the Vicinity of Gillette, WY 

Municipal Bulk Sales and Load-Out Points 

Approval of New Permits for Municipalities, Service and Improved Districts, Subdivisions, and Other Large Water Users, and Service Area Updates 

Subdivision Review Discussion and Ground Water Division Procedures 

Assigning Energy Production Related Water Rights to Landowners 

Guidance Memorandums

Guidance: Water Meter Selection Specifications and Water Production Reporting 

Guidance: Functional Backflow Prevention Device 

Guidance: Permitting of Active Mine Dewatering Wells at Permitted Coal Mining Operations

Guidance: CBM/Ground Water Permits

Guidance: CBM Ground Water for Reservoir Supply

SEO Internal Guidance: Conversion of Coalbed Methane (CBM) Wells to Water Wells Application Processing