Colorado River Working Group


Disseminate information to Green River Basin audience

Act as a sounding board for the public and stakeholders

Share stakeholder's concerns with the State Engineer's Office Working Group Team

Colorado River Working Group meetings are open for public attendance and we welcome you.

There is NO VIRTUAL or RECORDED option for Colorado River Working Group Meetings.

Please find important resource links below including previous meeting presentations.

Consider the Water Cooler a safe space to voice what is on your mind in regards to the Colorado River. This form is anonymous and all questions are optional. The detail questions only help us better provide the best information to specific situations. The CRWG team will do our best to address anonymous submissions broadly here on the webpage. There will be an optional email submission within the form to address individuals more directly who choose to share that information. Be sure to click SUBMIT after completing questions you feel comfortable answering.

There are a number of fact based resources included here on the Colorado River Working Group (CRWG) webpage. We will be working to add to these resources as time progresses and requests are made. The CRWG understands how stressful this subject is to our stakeholders. We hope you will consider using the resources in comparison to potentially misleading and inflammatory publications. Feel free to ask which of the resources is best for a specific concern you may have or concerns you have about published material.

We want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions. This is a difficult situation to wrap our heads around. The Wyoming State Engineer's Office is dedicated to transparent communication that can be digested by all Wyoming water users. We appreciate you trusting us with what is on your mind regarding the current and future circumstances in the Colorado River Basin and how it impacts your family.

Indicates your email is not visible when your Water Cooler entry is submitted. For a personal response enter an email address in the optional question that requests this information. If the optional question is not answered your submission remains anonymous.


Wyoming Colorado River Working Group is dedicated to providing the best information. Resources will continue to be added & updated. Requests accepted in the Water Cooler (below).