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The Wyoming Board of Geographic Names

The purpose of the Wyoming Board of Geographic Names (WBGN) is to:

  • Carry out the goals and objectives of the United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN).
  • Assist and advise state agencies and organizations and the general public in understanding the process and preparing applications for submission to the BGN.
  • Advise the BGN on matters concerning geographic names in Wyoming.


Herbert W. Stoughton, Ph.D.:   Chairman
John (Jack) Studley, PLS:         Vice Chairman
Shelley Messer:                        Executive Director
Calvin B Williams
Cindy Brown
Dan White
Janie F Nelson
Larry O Schmidt
Mary Agnes McAleenan
RJ Pieper
Scott A Scherbel
Thomas A Kropatsch
Venice N Beske

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 18 2020, @ 3:00 PM in the Wyoming State Engineer's Conference Room.(subject to change)
122 W 25th Street
Herschler Building, Cheyenne, WY 
2nd Floor  West 
Call-in # 866-636-0670


Shelley Messer
State Engineer's Office - Surface Water Division
122 W 25th Street 
Herschler Building, 2nd Floor West
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-5801

Current Discussions

Proposal to Rename Squaw Teats 

Devils Tower (Tabled pending Congressional action)
2015 - Current
H.R. 4020

1996 Devils Tower

Completed Votes

Proposals to rename Mount Doane and Hayden Valley
WBGN voted to recommend:
The name Mount Doane be changed to First People's Mountain.
The name Hayden Valley be retained.