Regulations,Instructions, and Policy Memos

Surface Water Regulations, Instructions, and Policy Memos

Rules and Regulations (1974)

Chapter 1 - Procedure for Obtaining a Surface Water Right

Chapter 2 - General Instructions

Chapter 3 - Instructions for Preparing Surface Water Application Forms

Chapter 4 - Water for Temporary Purposes

Chapter 5 - Reservoirs

Chapter 6 Special Applications

Chapter 7 - Surveys

Chapter 8 - Maps

Chapter 9 - Petitions to the State Engineer

Chapter 10 - Storage of Direct Flow Right

Chapter 11 - Instruments and Procedures

Chapter 12 - Rules of Practice in Contested Matters

e-Permit Submittal Instructions

ePermit Search Instructions

ePermit Diversion Submittal

ePermit Diversion, Special Application Submittal

ePermit Temporary Water haul Diversion Submittal

ePermit Enlargement Submittal

ePermit Special Application Reservoir Submittal

ePermit Stock Reservoir Submittal

Hardcopy Submittal Instructions

ePermit Search Instructions

Special Application Diversion Submittal

Temporary Water Haul Diversion Submittal

Enlargement Submittal

Reservoir Submittal

Industrial Reservoir Submittal

Special Application Reservoir Submittal

Stock Reservoir Submittal

Filing an Affidavit for Reinstatement

Guidelines for creating an Irrigation District

Equation Quick List

Petition Instruction Examples

Change in Point of Diversion

Change in Point of Diversion and Means of Conveyance

Correct Errors and Misdescriptions

Amendment of Land Description

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Policy Memos

All Agency Permitting Compliance (2013)

Beaver Dam Analog (BDA) Reservoir Permit Application Process

Coal Bed Natural gas Close Out

Flood Detention Reservoir(2004)

Incidental Ponds(2004)

Irrigation District return Flow (2004)

LAT LONG Requirement (2006)

Municipal Bulk Sales and Load-Out Points

Reservoir Crossing (2005)

Wyoming State board of Control Regulations & Instructions

Water Well Minimum Construction Standards