Join us in sharing information and insight on the latest water-related topics throughout the West. On the second Tuesday of every month, a special program is presented providing more in-depth review of a particular water issue. 

    We also welcome an informal exchange on water-focused activities following each presentation. 

Water Forum 2020 - 2021 Lineup:

September 8th: Mike Thomas, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality,                        "Harmful Cyanobacterial Bloom (HCBs) in Wyoming Waters"

October 13th:  Theo Barnhart, USGS Wyoming-Montana Science Center,                                     "Changing Snowmelt and Land Cover: Implications for Water                                    Availability and Hydrologic Modeling"

November 10th: Jennifer Zygmunt, Work Group 3Wyoming Department of                                     Environmental Quality, "Addressing sediment sources upstream                               of Willwood Dam"

December 8th: Mel Fegler, Wyoming State Engineer's Office, "Power of the                                    Pollinator: The Role of Pollinators in High Value Ecosystems"

January 12th Tony Bergantino, WRDS and the State Climate Office, “The Water                             Resources Data System: Then and Now”

February 9th Terry Booth, discussing his publication "Grazing                                                         Increases Soil Warming in Headwater Wetlands: Importance to                                Land Managers and Downstream Water Users"

March 9thRob Poston, Goshen Irrigation District, "Update on the Goshen                               Irrigation Canal Collapse"

April 13th: Various, NRCS, Bureau of Reclamation. "2021 Water Supply Outlook"     

May 11thCheryl MillerUSGS Wyoming-Montana Science Center, "Using short-                     and long-term water-quality data to understand stream dynamics and                     trends."

         For questions, contact:

Sam Swartz
Interstate Streams Division
Wyoming State Engineer's Office

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