Join us in sharing information and insight on the latest water-related topics throughout the West. On the second Tuesday of every month, a special program is presented providing more in-depth review of a particular water issue. 

    We also welcome an informal exchange on water-focused activities following each presentation. 

Water Forum 2019 - 2020 Lineup:

September 10th: Sam Swartz, SEO "Infiltration Rates of Green Infrastructure                                   Basins:How volunteer maintenance impacts function over time"

October 8th:  Ryan McShane, WY-MT Water Science Center, "Explanation and                            prediction of streamflow in ungaged watersheds in the Wyoming                            Range using a machine learning and geospatial approach"    

November 12th: Matt Hoobler, Pathfinder Ranches"Water as a Commodity at                                  Pathfinder Ranches:From Schoonmaker’s Ditch to Cattle                                        Kate’s Grave, this isn’t your granddaddy’s return flow of                                          investment"

December 10th: Julie Gondzar, WWDO, "Water in the Sky: Wyoming's Cloud                                   Seeding Projects"

January 14th Anne MacKinnon, University of Wyoming, Colorado River Demand                          Management and Susan Walker, Harvey Economics on the                                 economic implications of demand management

February 11thJeff Geyer and Rex Lockman, Laramie County Conservation                                  District on Crow Creek Restoration

March 10th: Jodee Pring and Mabel Jones, WWDO update on GIS Data Model                          Implementation Study and Water Supply Index

April 14th: Various, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. "2020 Water Supply Outlook",                        and Jim Fehey, National Weather Service update on Spring Runoff

May 12th : Kelly Wright, Wyoming Inland Ocean Coalition on land-to-sea                                  stewardship through education, advocacy, and leading by example

         For questions, contact:

Sam Swartz
Interstate Streams Division
Wyoming State Engineer's Office

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, February 11th, 10:00 am


Water Development Office, 6920 Yellowtail Rd.


Jeff Geyer, Water Specialist, Laramie County Conservation District

Rex Lockman, Wildlife & Range Specialist,  Laramie County Conservation District


Crow Creek Restoration

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