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Staff Directory

Administrative Services

PAT TYRRELL 777-6150 patrick.tyrrell@wyo.gov 
RICK DEUELL 777-6168 rick.deuell@wyo.gov 
CRICKET FARMER-HOSKINS 777-6977 cricket.hoskins@wyo.gov 
NANCY BALES 777-8714 nancy.bales@wyo.gov 
RACHAEL REINHARDT (HR) 777-6143 rachael.reinhardt2@wyo.gov 
SUSAN JENKINS 777-6150 susan.jenkins@wyo.gov 
TINA WERTZ 777-3474 tina.wertz@wyo.gov 
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Board of Control

CHERYL TIMM 777-6899 cheryl.timm@wyo.gov 
BONNIE DUNCAN 777-6268 bonnie.duncan@wyo.gov 
CRISTY BIGELOW 777-7971 cristy.bigelow@wyo.gov 
CULLEN HARDY 777-6327 cullen.hardy1@wyo.gov 
DEBBIE HALLBERG 777-6002 debbie.hallberg@wyo.gov 
DIXIE PIERCE 777-7409 dixie.pierce@wyo.gov 
JED ROCKWEILER 777-6202 jed.rockweiler@wyo.gov 
JESSICA TREMBATH 777-6334 jessica.trembath@wyo.gov 
KAREN MUMPER 777-3448 karen.mumper@wyo.gov 
KARYL TULLY  777-6657 karyl.tully@wyo.gov 
KEIVIN QUICK 777-6960 kevin.quick@wyo.gov 
NANCY MCCANN 777-5958 nancy.mccann@wyo.gov 
ROXANNE PINO 777-8255 roxie.trujillo@wyo.gov 
TRISTA NICHOLS 777-6211 trista.nichols@wyo.gov 
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Ground Water

LISA LINDEMANN 777-5063 lisa.lindemann@wyo.gov 
ADAM QUIST 777-5959 adam.quist@wyo.gov 
BETH TEBBEN 777-5981 beth.tebben@wyo.gov 
CYNDEE LINN 777-6162 cyndee.linn@wyo.gov 
GEORGE MOSER 777-2974 george.moser@wyo.gov 
JAMES NEELY 777-6159 james.neely@wyo.gov 
JEREMY MANLEY 777-7730 jeremy.manley@wyo.gov 
JOHN HARJU 777-6689 john.harju@wyo.gov 
JOSH KOLDEWAY 777-2975 josh.koldeway@wyo.gov 
KELLEY CALHOUN 777-5597 kelley.calhoun1@wyo.gov 
KRISSIE PETERSON 777-6161 krissie.peterson@wyo.gov 
LIBERTY BLAIN 777-6158 liberty.blain@wyo.gov 
LINDA MILLER 777-6712 linda.miller@wyo.gov 
LOGIN ROOM 777-6163  
MARKUS MALESSA 777-6166 markus.malessa@wyo.gov 
SHERYL LETT 777-5668 sunny.lett@wyo.gov 
SONIA MILLER 777-6687 sonia.miller@wyo.gov 
TERRY CARPENTER 777-6688 terry.carpenter1@wyo.gov 
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Interstate Streams

STEVE WOLFF 777-1942 steve.wolff@wyo.gov 
BETH CALLAWAY 777-7803 beth.callaway@wyo.gov 
CHARLIE FERRANTELLI 777-6151 charlie.ferrantelli@wyo.gov 
JEFF COWLEY 777-7641 jeff.cowley@wyo.gov 
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Safety of Dams

NATHAN GRAVES 777-3500 nathan.graves@wyo.gov 
MIKE HAND 777-6153 mike.hand@wyo.gov 
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Support Services

MARTIN ZIMMERMAN 777-5956 martin.zimmerman@wyo.gov 
BRENT WICKHAM 777-6410 brent.wickham@wyo.gov 
DANIELA CASTLE 777-3432 daniela.castle@wyo.gov 
ELVA CARPENTER 777-6165 elva.carpenter@wyo.gov 
KIMBERLEE MERRILL 777-3426 kim.merrill@wyo.gov 
LINUS SMITH 777-5957 linus.smith@wyo.gov 
STEVE VOSSLER 777-8792 steve.vossler@wyo.gov 
TONY WALLACE 777-3449 tony.wallace@wyo.gov 
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Surface Water

LEE ARRINGTON 777-6171 lee.arrington@wyo.gov 
CHERYL WRIGHT 777-7869 cheryl.wright@wyo.gov 
CINDY LAMBLIN 777-6175 cindy.lamblin@wyo.gov 
DANA BLANKS 777-7887 dana.blanks@wyo.gov 
JASON FELTNER 777-8789 jason.feltner@wyo.gov 
JAY SMITH 777-5012 jay.smith1@wyo.gov 
JOHN (Tyler) MCLLVAINE 777-6172 john.mcllvain@wyo.gov 
LEAH BRATTON 777-2922 leah.bratton@wyo.gov 
SANDRA LORENTZ 777-6475 sandra.lorentz@wyo.gov 
SHELLEY MESSER 777-5801 shelley.messer@wyo.gov 
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Water Well Contractors Licensing Board

SHERI CULVER 777-7243 sheri.culver@wyo.gov 
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Field Divisions

WATER DIVISION 1 Contact Information 
WATER DIVISION 2 Contact Information 
WATER DIVISION 3 Contact Information 
WATER DIVISION 4 Contact Information 
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